Sunday, February 05, 2006

Run For Terence - The Run

Over 40 runners (young and old) turned up at the KLCC park to show their support to Terence this morning. It was, I think, a tremendous response. It could've been a larger turnout if not for the Chinese New Year celebrations. The weather was hot and while most just ran a few rounds, there were also a few who just couldn't give up their weekly mileage. Ronnie contributed plenty of tokens of appreciation in the form of glasses and ceramic containers, which was distributed to all who came. Janet contributed in a unique way - she ran 10 laps to raise RM1,000 on top of her own contribution.

In the end a total of RM2,860 (about USD762 and excluding the pledged amount) were collected. A cheque will be cut out in favour of Terence and we will make arrangement for it to be handed to him. It is hoped that the collection will in some small way lighten up his burden. More importantly he now knows that there are so many healthy lungs out there who are standing behind him in this hour of need. Here, I'd also like to record my thanks to all who came. Your presence proved that there are indeed many generous people in this world and runners do stick together.

Those who contributed were:
Cheong Shih Heng
CS Wong
Newton Yap
Ng Ping Loong
Lay Hoi Cheong
Jenny Lim Kui Eng & Family
PK Chan & Grace
Wan Yew Leong
John & Wai Min
Steve, Stupe, Light & Easy
Lim Fang Hau
Chan Chui Miew
Chua Rho Wen
Ronnie & Rachel See
Jenny Lee
Aeow Family
Sim Boon Haw
Tey Eng Tiong
Eng Seok Jiun
Eng Seok Ling
Mr Kong (Seok Ling's Boss)
Phyllis Kok
Lawrence Leong
Teresa Goh
Carol Low
Jason Thiang & Sook Ying
Sook Yuen
Maryann & Leslie Yee
Ong Siok Bee
CC Ho Ching Cheong
Ho Ching Tai
Tony Quay
Hau Wan Lin
Keshab Kumar
Kelvin Ng
Ajeep Rashidi
Steven Ng
Kenny Tan
Janet & Sponsors (pledged)
Lisar Oon (pledged)
Julian Chan (pledged)

For more photos, head on to Carboman's site or Tey's photo album.

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