Monday, February 27, 2006

Towerthon Comments by Anonymouse

grr.. I have been runing for years.And for once,i decided to participate in a race. I am a indian expat student.

-1st of all I was CHEATED.
charged 20usd? 75 ringgit. Where as local guy paid 20ringgit. Why the discrimination? Common towerthon organisers, we are going towards a free world, free of discrimination. After registering, I realised I could have paid rm 20 and got away with it.

-I slipped on the stairs. Some runner' thought he was being by spilling water on the stair. I stepped and slipped and regained on to my feet. It hurted though. the organiser's preffered to slack away and allow ppl carry the water up the stairs.

-There was this fat malay man sitting at the registration counter.He didn't seem friendly at all.ask him where is the luggage department,he grumbles' off roughly in malay. Asked somebody else then.

-Those luggage ppl placed our bags on the on the dirty road at the end of the race.My bag was placed on the mud.

- Some runner's drink water from the bottle,make mouth contact, and put the bottle back on the table.Now ,I am sure,some other runner might accidentally pick that half filled bottle of water. If the runner who drank water first, had soem disease/infection,what are you going to do?The disease will spread.

-And the biggest complaint by everyone was,that medal was plastic.It' doesn't even mention the word finisher.

-The certificate was un-personalised.

-As I reached the top,I badly wanted to sit somewhere.Some man yelled off,'tada tada' when I wanted to sit on some cushion chair nearby.went of to the observation deck.

-And any-one can go and get a goodie bag.

-And those indian' men at the start off just can't be described.Many ridiculous comments,trying to act like the big macho/boss over there.

-The medal presentation was kept at distant.And the photo graphers all stop on the chairs blocking the view when yu fang and the kenyan runner were being given a prize.

-Should provide some shower facility.

-And many other stuff.

Common,this is a international run,ppl from around the world are comming.Have some standard.

The plastic medal thing was the worst.MANY PPL WERE DISAPPOINTED AT THE LOOK OF THE MEDAL.

-I have also planned to complain.Can give me the adres whom to complain?

mail at if u want mor comments

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