Monday, February 20, 2006

Towerthon Report

What : TM Forest Towerthon Challenge
When : Sunday, 19th Feb 2006
Where : KL Tower, Kuala Lumpur
Started : 8.00am
Distance : Run 1km & Climb 2055 Step.

This is totally a new experience for me, never did any climbing staircase b4. So b4 der actual day, I did some stair training. On wednesday 17 storey x 4, nearly pensan. On friday 17 storey x 5, I see a lot of twinkle twinkle stars. Saturday rest n sunday woohoo... ready to race liao!

My bib number is A008, mean Im in der 1st batch of Men Open Categories. Coz Men Open divided into 3 batches. Starting time for 1st batch 8.00am, 2nd batch 8.15am & 3rd batch 8.30am. 170 participants for der 1st batches, for 2nd & 3rd I'm not so sure. Coz I already poof off liao :p

Der 1km is all der way up Hill lah, very very der cerun. Everyone turbo like pig n cow, leaving me very der far behind lah. My 1km timing is 4min 48sec, then I proceed to der stair. While running up der stair, I hv some difficulties, coz there are so runners squeeze like sardin to enter der stair. Which is very hard for me to potong sayur lah. Der stair is quite narrow, only 2 runners can move around.

Water station also provided, I dont know which level liao, coz I already seeing so many stars liao. So it very der dengerous, ppl juz drink & throw der bottles everywhere they like, which make der floor slippery. At least provide some tong sampah mah, hor? Anyway, I see a lot of runners slowing down, walking or stop. But I still continue eventho I'm tired & breahtless. When I see distance marker show 5 more level to go, I so excited. So I turbo wit all my shiet out lah!!

After receiving my goodies cupon, I proceed to der main level to enjoy der KL Tower view. Hoowah!!! Cinya sui ah!!! Then later take lift down to collect my hard earn medal. To my horror, der medal is made by plastic!!!


I want to thanks to Jantzen Tey, Lim Pueh Tian & Nezz for giving me some usefull tip on how to concour der Towerthon, really appreciate & it's really work lah. Anyway, I really enjoy der excitement & shld come back again next year even der medal still made of plastic wakakaka!!

Unofficial Result

Men's Open:
14:26 - Kenya Runner (Champion)
14:40 - Heidille Mohammad (2nd)
14:50 - Fong @ Phong Thong Lim (3rd)
15:42 - Tan Song Hua (5th)
17:46 - Ronnie See Pm1 (22nd)
20:05 - Chen Fong Fong Pm8
22:52 - Abdul Haris Pm13
22:54 - Ryan Teoh Pm17
24:50 - Tan Boon Seng Pm39
24:50 - Zul Azlan from Putrajaya
26:30 - Draco Ng Pm37
33:33 - Lim Pueh Tian

Men Junior Veteran:
19:55 - Vincent Wong Pm10
22:58 - Kelvin Ng Pm2

Women Open:
23:30 - Eng Seok Juin Pm41
29:15 - Woof Woof Pm31

Women Veteran:
00:00 - Eng Seok Ling (9th)
00:00 - Angie Ng (10th)

Pm's Ranking Points:
Pm01 = 10pts, Pm10 = 9pts, Pm08 = 8pts, Pm13 = 7pts, Pm17 = 6pts,
Pm02 = 05pts, Pm41 = 4pts, Pm39 = 3pts, Pm37 = 2pts, Pm31 = 1pt.

Towerthon Challenge 2002
(Result > Malaysia Selection for World Championship)

Run 800m & Climb 2055 step:
12:19 - Guanus Salagen (Champion)
13:39 - Phong Tong Lim (7th)
14:21 - Rozmi Bin Yunus (11th)
14:31 - Tan Song Hua (12th)
14:43 - Gavin Bong (15th)
14:53 - Cecil Cheong (18th)
15:07 - Ong Chin (23rd)
15:56 - Don Khor (39th)
16:23 - Chong Chee Wah Pm9 (46th)
18:53 - Gavin Mah (89th)
19:12 - Jacky Loh Theam Fah (96th)

Next Stop : Kuala Lumpur International Marathon, 5th March 2006

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True runner said...

Congratulation to all the Tower climbers , maybe next time you guys can climb mountain also hehehehehe... i miss it but i have to focus on the marathon .