Thursday, March 02, 2006

Final Run for KLIM

When : Thursday, 2nd March 2006
Where : Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur
Distance : 5th Loops, 11.5km

Yday gua on leave, so morning went to FTAAA ofis to collect bib n tee. Damn! There was a lot of fak-up during der bib collection. Der worst fak-up is, if u are collecting bib more den 10 and above. Der official say "Pls come back in d evening, coz we're doing der packing for u." I couldnt believe it, u think ppl so free want ah? There are still many fak-up going on, anyway I malas to write der long story lah. Oredi doing this event more den upteen yrs liao, still no improvement.

Mean while, in d evening I manage to do my final run b4 KLIM. Juz an eazy 1hr and dat it, close shop.

der Split Time 2.3km per loops:
02.3km - 13' 07.46
04.6km - 12' 36.13 > 0h 25' 43.59
06.9km - 12' 23.16 > 0h 38' 06.75
09.2km - 12' 12.26 > 0h 50' 19.01
11.5km - 11' 49.68 > 1h 02' 08.69

My house modem is back!
Good news, I can online at home liao. So this coming sunday, I can publish der KLIM report n result as soon as I back home lah. So I oso need ur co-operate too, pls look for me after u finish ur run ya. Update me ur timing ya ok! Good luck and all der best to all my pacemakers n friends!!

brought 2u by pm1 der captain

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Tan BoSe said...

you mean the collection is in FTAAA office????? Are they out of their mind? Previous years were always in dataran can they do such thing in such a grand event?? My god... I think they really need some slaps and spanks!