Thursday, March 23, 2006

Flying pig KLIM report

After 35km mark, my timer report 1 minute and 3 hour. I give myself the devil laugh keh keh keh…

Doing the 3.35 or even 3.30 is doable now to conclude my final marathon. All the tiredness seems to be gone & my engine can be roooooooom to finish line with turbo speed which I save it for last push.

Yaeah! Me & my big mouth, maybe I laugh too loud and the God of Run give me a click on my injury part that cause in CRIII, where I run like mad pig to get #3 & clock 3hr for 36.8km, just because tu AMBANK display a BIG packet & shine medal to attract my determination 2 fight all out run until shit drop race.

Less than 500meter I turbo my injury come & knock my door… Damn! Please do not make me a traffic police that have 2 stands there & direct traffic “Pigi, pigi, tarak apa tengok! Jalan cepat, Jalan!! Mau saman??!!”

The decision I make to push in final 17% is really a silly dump stupid idea. Now I even have to walk to complete the race… will I, should I, could I?? uhuk* want to cry….

But my fighting spirit come & rise back when I see 2 thai women look back at me. YUK*, really humiliate! Whole trip I can’t even see the 3 China Women, now 2 thai women look at me and smile?!

How can that happen? Cilaka dun care this will cause long term injury or go hospital I also must run, since run forward is really hard & I dun stop 4 medical one, so I turn backward & run, cis! It’s work, pain reduce, then run on left site, then right site… My helicopter way of running gets a marshal attention… I give him my dun-care face & say “Ballet, tak tau?” Well at least I make him a day…

The turning pig manages to catch up one of the thai, I run pass her with a “huh!” and continue to catch the second huh… damn the second one is really fast, I chase until I almost want to crawl the rest of the journey… Finally the last 100meter I manage to kentuk, I mean say huh! to her and finish my suffering race in 3h43m… slowest 7k

I ever run… since I know how 2 drink milk :p

I not even have the mood to submit my timing chip and straight go to medical booth to treat my injury, but when I saw the girls there, working so hard to please all those 7k fun run participant, I stuns! Those so call injured runners say buntut sakit lah, back sakit lah… and those girls have 2 even massage back & buntut to please them? I watch also I feel shame, yew! I just bite my teeth & my injury is nothing compares the “well treatment” that those girls get… what happen to this world, men seem to be like tofu and women are like steel… I treat my injured leg in ice pool with the conclusion have to do another 42k again sigh*

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