Friday, March 24, 2006

Wei.. Tomoro is der day lioa!!

Wei.. Wei.. hv u pack oredi ah? Quick quick lah!! U all no kan cheong wan meh? hehehe... Well, tonight I sure kenot sleep want. Keep thinking about der Meow Meow liao. My flight to Kuching is 9.35am tomoro, so must wake up early early to reach LCCT lah. But not as early as Mei Mei Ryan, Sim Kor Kor & Ah Loong der Running Boy coz they booked der 1st flight at 7.10am. We all will meet up at Damai Beech and cuci mata lah. Den later dinner wit Sam Sap Yat Mui Mui in der town area. At night we play chor tai dee, den poof to bed.

So hor, there will be no posting from tomoro until monday lah. I will be back to work probably on tues lah, but if MC den make it wednesday lor. heheheh...

der Pacemakers Gang to Saberkas :

Pia Kau-Kau in der Marathon
A0000 > Richard Habeya Pm26
A0000 > Shine Teh Pm34

Pia Kau-Kau in der Half Marathon :
C3015 > Ronnnie See Pm1
C3016 > Ryan Teoh Pm17
C3017 > Joviet Sim Pm25
C3020 > Lim Pueh Tian
C3060 > Draco Ng Pm24
C3118 > Kelvin Ng Pm2
C3121 > Khoo Yit Kiat Pm28
D4006 > Rachel Lee Pm21
D4059 > Evirnna Hon Pm31

See You In Meow Meow!!

brought 2u by pm1


Anonymous said...

No training cannot pia kau kau lat. Target 6 hrs.

This marathon is my last marathon to end my running career and hang my running shoes.



Tey said...

wah lau eh ,target 6 hrs ?? can follow Narumol snap more foto ya...!!

All the best to u all who run 10k,half and full !! Pia until finishing line !! hehe

Anonymous said...

Good luck to all in Seberkas..especially to CM who "kantoi" at last week's Power Run.

Nezz said...

pm1 & geng, gud luck in ur saberkas marathon. dont run N bring back d birdflu ok.. have a safe journey to&fro to all of u..

Tey said...


Got u foto in my power run album,u need original size foto ? email me,if u want !


Gavin Bong said...

Hope everyone had a good time in Kuching (my hometown!).