Tuesday, March 14, 2006

KLIM comments

WOW!! Finally I hv someone stand on my side, everyone think I'm bad guy. Only she der one who give me hope to be a good guy, haha THANK YOU SH Tan. You are der best!!


Hi, Rachel,

Poor Ronnie, kena marah and ketuk kau kau!! Actually he just wanted to praise the fast ones and encourage the slow ones to run faster mah.

Just to encourage Rachel, I finished my first ever marathon at 56 years old, after my retirement! I completed the KLIM 2005 with a dismal timing of 5:45:33 but a I felt great. To be at the starting line is something but to be able to finish a marathon is a real achievement. The feeling was just unbelievable -- on top of the world -- the same feeling I had when I reached the top of Mount Kinabalu and got a Millinium certificate...
So Rachel, start training now. :)

Cheers, SH :))


Newton said...

ronnie i know u good heart/guy
but use the right word lah,
maybe put 'faster ones' 'slower ones' 'the rabbits' 'the turtles'
some slow runners but definitely not failure, agree? failure is not a good word for us runners lah, we positive ppl mah, failure is negative, thing can simply eat but cannot simply say, remember?

Anonymous said...

I believed it was done with positive intention & friendly spirit, with no offense meant to anyone.

Its perhaps best to let the matter rest and focus on next coming races.


neveS MP