Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Larian Bendang Kedah - Update from Datuk M. Yaziz


aharis said...

berapa org mau naik?

Anonymous said...

Dear Haris,

For now, we are still estimating how many PMs would be interested to make this trip. By 31st March, would be able to revert with more details. Will depend on your kind assistance with logistics while in Alor Setar.

Thank you & kind regards

neveS MP

draco ng said...

i want to go la la la

Anonymous said...


We'll update you with more details later. Stay tune ya..


neveS MP

YAB Yg Paling Tinggi Ronnie See said...

Dear Datuk M. Yaziz,

Very sorry ya.. I kenot go Bendang Run wit u, coz hv to follow parent to "Cheng Beng" Perayaan Kubur yg terbesar di dunia.

Again.. sorry!