Monday, March 06, 2006

KLIM Report

Mission Fail!
Wei, u know hor. I came here wit high hope, plus 3 month of hardcore training, sumore target high high as high as below 1'34mins. In d end, i didnt achive der target. Damn "Arm Kan Lah" Wat to do? Do it again next yrs lor!

Yet So Near, but Yet So Futt!
Once der gun start to prang, I oredi poof like rocket liao. At 5km mark, my time was 22'05s, woah! 25sec faster den my target time. After 10km mark, my time was 43'41s. So damn blardy happy, cause target time for 10km was sub 44mins. So I think hor, 1'34 is achievable if I maintain der pace like this lah. But my happiness end wit 7km to go, my leg start to create problem liao. I couldnt run pia anymore, everytime my feet hit to der ground, a sharp pain say hello to me. Lagi worst is I hv to run zig-zag wit der 7km runners, I feel very tired doing like this. Until 3km left to finish, I ran out of gas liao. Damn! Really upset wit my 2nd half time lah, how come I did so bad? After cross der finishing line, totally kenot believe it!

No Full Marathon
Mean next yrs I will still run 21km, coz mission still haven achieve mah!

Pm1 past record in KLIM since yrs 2000
Yrs 2000 > dist 21.0km, Time : 1hr 38' 13.14s (46th)
Yrs 2003 > dist 10.5km, Time : 46' 19.95s (63rd)
Yrs 2004 > dist 10.5km, Time : 45' 10.38s (52nd)
Yrs 2005 > dist 21.0km, Time : 1hr 40' 02.00 (44th)
Yrs 2006 > dist 21.0km, Time : 1hr 37' 09.38 (52nd)

This yrs 21km men category very der hardcore, for der 1st time I drop out of top 50th in d 21km category. Eventho I manage to better last yrs timing, but position drop kau-kau lat.

Next Stop : Orange Run (12th March 2006)

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Mr Balan said...

hahahaha! kutuk me some more lah?! that's why your legs so painful. to run well very easy. from now on, say good things about me. believe me, i've done this for umpteen years already. therefore i know what i'm doing. said...

better luck next year!here i wan to thank u,i been reading ur blog since year 2005,very funny and encouraging and keeping me update wit run that happen around,last year december i saw u run in klcc park,i told myself 'hey this is the guy blog about his running and he won over 100 medals' hopefully can meet him in klim 2006,so this year i join the klim2006 7km run for the first time,bad thing is i never saw u in klim2006 coz many many people there,the good thing is i manage to finish the run and get my first official marathon certificate and medal(not ninja turtle medal),thanks again for ur blog that encourage me to run very much,hopefully can meet u in future run,yin fook