Monday, March 06, 2006

Sucking KLIM

This yrs KLIM quality of T-shirt, Medals & Goodies Bag very der teruk. To prove I'm right, see picture below lah.. Yew!!

Ugly T-shirt match wit der ugly hanger :p

Ninja Turtle Medal, so light yet so thin and oso can kill you!

Poor Goodies bag


zbjernak said...

the fun run category medal quite nice... heheheh

the 42 punya...'artistic' mah
though i must say the tshirt and the bad...

but i dunno, i think is better than last year... no?

Leslie said...

Last year's medal waz worst! The full marathon medal dun even hv the distance engraved. The various categories only differentiate by color & size. Not impressive at all.

Dinesh said...

This year's full marathon medal also no distance engraved... so so so like that one this FTAAA... hmmppphhh

Julian Chan said...

Couldn't agree more on the tee and goodie bags.. quite pathetic. Even the medal isn't enough to be a saving grace (careful where you show that medal, you might just kill somebody with it..what's with the sharp edges?)

Some more the entry fee so kau expensive..

Looks like the only way things will improve is like it is... SLOWLY! That means it'll be past our lifetime when they actually manage and organise a race comparable to SG Marathon!