Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Meow Meow Pictures - Courtesy from Lim Pueh Tian

Pacemakers & Woofy Gang

Gong Fu Hustle

On board to Bako Island - Yehaa!!

Wow!! Giant Rock

Jambatan of Bako Island (Jetty)

Babi Hutan (Flying Pig Relative - Oink Oink)

Bako National Park

Extreme Jialat Jungle Trekking

Phewit! Sexy leg babe.. guess who?

Happy moment will never forget

Heavy weight carbo loading dinner

Sot Sot Wire Ah loong

Goodbye meow meow, see u next time again lah!!

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Anonymous said...

Dear all,

I am the boat man your trip to haven't pay the fare liao..hehehe..anyway nice photos