Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Finisher Medal NOT Received upon completion of 1/2 Marathon

Dear Organiser,

I would like to complain that I was not given my finisher medal even when I completed my run at 2hr 45min. As stated in the website and runner's info leaflet, all ½ marathon finishers who complete within the qualifying time of 3 hours would get finisher medal. I was rudely shocked when I was told " Medal sudah habis" (Medal is already finished) at the medal collection counter.

Many of my fellow runner friends also suffered the same fate. There were major breakdown in the control of medals. We found out that the medals were given indiscriminately to the 5km category earlier. They were not entitled for medals at the first place. Some of the students even tried to sell the medals for RM10 each. We tried to look for the person in-charge but the person tending the medal section didn't seem to care to give us the information.

I am very disappointed with the whole incident. The poor handling had robbed me the enjoyment of receiving the well-deserved medal after a long hard run. Many of us had traveled so far for this event. It could have been my perfect first running experience in Sarawak if not for this incident.

Suggestion for improvement:
Give medal IMMEDIATELY to runner upon completion at the finished line. Runner must present all checkpoint ribbons. Cross out bib with a marker pen indicating medal has been collected. I have seen this method works perfectly at other running events.

Awaiting your response.


My Race Bib Number: CXXXX

Dear Mr....,

Thank you for writing to us re not receiving your finisher medal.

We are committed to send you your well deserved medal. Please give us some time to compile the list of runners who had missed out and we will made a fresh order from our supplier.

Thank you also for your valuable suggestions. We are indeed indebted to you for your participation and regret any area which had caused disappointments to you.

Yours sincerely,
Frederick Ting

(Marketing SABERKAS RH Marathon 2006)

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