Thursday, March 16, 2006

Power Run Update

Wei.. u know hor? Yday oredi can collect bib liao, so GERAM I didnt bring der receipt along while I was registering for other Pm's. Mean I hv to go there again & agin & again. Eeeeee....

FYI, uptodate Men's Open category oredi reaching 600 mark liao, but only 150 medals offer. So better run as hard as u can ya, I think must run below 52mins only can garenty u a medal. Tough hor?

Pm's Secretary
After finish ur run, remember to look for Jantzen Tey @ Pm22. Register ur timing & position to him, he will be standing at der finishing point there. Thank you for ur co-operation.

brought 2u by pm1


Ronnie See der PM1 said...

Uptodate = oredi 669 ppl in Men Open Category liao!!

Newton said...

ronnie thanks for always helping us register for races, collect bibs & goody and so many many things you have done. thank you!

pm1 said...

Dear Newton,

There is one thing I believe, if u want ppl to help u, firstly u must help them 1st. Runners shd help runners. heheh!!

Tan BoSe said...

aiyor...Ronnie...I kiasu liau many people.hahaha