Sunday, March 26, 2006

Saberkas Marathon results

Men Marathon

A ****>Tan Song Hua 3:33(2weeks no train,condition bad!)
A 0065>Kenny Choo 4:14
A*****>Tan Khee Meng 4:19
A 0063>Hoo Ching Tai 4:29
A 0064>Hoo Ching Cheong 5:29
A 0029>Teoh Kee Wah 5:49

Women Marathon

Narumol 5h22m(Won RM500,Congratulation!!)
Quik Ai Ling 6hrs plus(Wrong route...Grrrrr !!)

Men Half Marathon

C3015 > Ronnnie See 1:41.14
C3121 > Khoo Yit Kiat 1:46.52
C3065 > Alden Yap 2:02.45
C3060 > Draco Ng 2:03.18
C3118 > Kelvin Ng 2:06.55
C3017 > Joviet Sim 2:19.22
C3020 > Lim Pueh Tian 2:45.22

Women Half Marathon

D4059 > Evirnna Hon Pm31 2:56.30


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all for completing the Seberkas the way CM came in with a time of 1:58.49 seconds.

Anonymous said...

My name Quek la, not Quik. Wish I was so Quik like Narumol, can win money!
Ai Ling (Singapore)