Thursday, March 09, 2006

Siapa Panas Siapa Tak Panas

der most improve PM's in KL Marathon is Jack Ma Pm11, from 5' 26.10 leap up to 4' 11.05 (1hr 15mins improve) WOW!! Follow by Jason der Monk Pm23 from 5' 31.55 move up to 4' 40.07 (51mins improve) & Ryan Teoh Pm17 from 5'26.56 jump up to 4' 46.05 (40mins improve).

42km Marathon - der Successful
3' 01.06 - Richard Habeya Pm36 (21st)
3' 18.00 - Toh Wai Kuen Pm14 (29th)
3' 43.41 - Chen Fong Fong Pm8 (53rd)
4' 08.03 - Eng Seok Juin Pm41 (19th)
4' 11.05 - Jack Ma Pm11 (103th)
4' 27.25 - Jamie Pang Pm5 (136th)
4' 29.34 - Jantzen Tey Pm22 (141th)
4' 40.07 - Jason Botak Pm23 (164th)
4' 46.05 - Ryan Teoh Pm17 (175th)

42km Marathon der Failure
3' 55.42 - Chong Chee Wah Pm9 (78th)
4' 09.31 - Adam Loh Pm29 (80th)
4' 21.40 - Alden Yap Pm38 (125th)
4' 36.41 - Lee Weng Khong Pm35 (158th)
4' 37.31 - Draco Ng Pm37 (160th)
4' 37.50 - Datuk Yaziz Pm7 (141th)
4' 53.41 - Kevin Chow Pm32 (189th)
4' 56.36 - Kelvin Ng Pm2 (190th)
5' 25.29 - Dinesh Kumaran Pm41 (??)

21km Half Marathon - der Successful
1' 43.03 - John Tan Pm30 (73rd)
2' 07.17 - Kenneth Teh Pm20 (213th)
2' 21.53 - Newton Yap Pm18 (324th)

21km Half Marathon - der Failure
1' 37.12 - Ronnie See Pm1 (52nd)
1' 42.38 - Vincent Wong Pm10 (39th)
1' 49.46 - Abdul Haris Pm13 (100th)
2' 28.06 - Cheong Shih Heng Pm12 (367th)

7km Fun Run - der Failure
59' 55 - Ervinna Hon Pm31
64' 28 - Rachel Lee Pm21

brought 2u by pm1


azwar@pm3 said...

i dont think thats right .... in marathon there are no failures regardless of ur time ..... everyone is a winner if u just finish it

C-CUBE said...

finishing a marathon is a great achievement, irregardless of time. there are times u do well and there are times you do not do so well. u can neverx2 PR in every race u run. FAILURE is not the word to descirbe it. As azwar said, everyone's a WINNER once u cross the finishing line.

Anonymous said...

why Jason look so spastic one ah? Anyway, Jason should be a failure since he trained like a madman (run up hill, run 6 hours around klcc park, ultramarathon, 30km every other week), he should be doing sub 4hrs 15 mins. His current timing is nothing to shout about.

Penguin 2 said...

I think having the courage to be at the starting point in any marathon run is already a success in itself. Crossing the finishing line is definitely an achievement regardless of the timing. Every marathoner is always challenging against his / her own limitations and not against anybody unless he / she is an elite marathoner.

Dinesh said...

I don't think any unkind words are needed in this blog. Should anyone feel the need for such words, kindly take them elsewhere.

Each individual has his or her own mode of training. We do not impose our expectations on others and consider them failures... after all we should all be running because we enjoy the sport and the friendship which comes with it.

As Azwar and P2 have aptly put it, getting to the starting point of a marathon and completing it is by itself an achievement. I say well done to everyone who ran in the KLIM, may it be in the 7k or 42k. Don't be too concerned with your timing and continue to enjoy the sport!

Newton said...

the only failure is the failure to participate

pm12 said...

lets keep the blog positive and light-hearted which is why it is so popular. we do not want negativity and unkind words to ruin it. there are no losers, only runners.

kops21 aka tigger said...

there are no failure in Marathon.

congrates to everyone that complete the distance.:)