Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Trip Worth To Remember...

Here are der summary...

Day 1 - 25th March 2006
05.00am - wake up & start to kan cheong liao
06.00am - reach KL Sentral, take Skybus to LCCT (only 7 of us in the Skybus)
07.00am - reach LCCT, breakfast at Mcdonalds
08.00am - chk in together wit Rachel, Shine & Vincent Tiong.
09.35am - actual flight time, but delay 35mins.
10.10am - yahoo.. flying to kuching
11.30am - yehaa.. arrived at kuching liao
12.30pm - chk in at Harbour View Hotel
01.15pm - Lunch wit Joviet, Shine & Rachel
02.00pm - depart to Damai Beach & Culture Village
03.00pm - arrived at DB & meet up wit Ryan & Draco
04.00pm - jln-jln and snap pictures
05.00pm - back to Hotel
07.00pm - meet up wit Woofy n gang for dinner. (the prawn very nice)
08.30pm - jln-jln at waterfront & shopping
09.30pm - back to hotel
10.00pm - play chor tai dee wit Rachel, Sim & Draco (everyone is a winner)
11.30pm - went to bed

Day 2 - 26th March 2006
04.00am - wake up
04.30am - breakfast at hotel
05.15am - bus depart to petrajaya
05.45am - arrived at petrajaya, quickly poof to berak
06.15am - flag off for 42km
06.30am - flag off for 21km
07.30am - flag off for 10km
08.10am - crossing finishing line
10.30am - depart to Bako National Park (with smell body)
11.15am - arrived, take boat to Bako Island
11.45am - arrived at Bako Island, jump for joy!!
12.00pm - lunch
12.30pm - jungle trekking to P.Paku see monkey
01.30pm - reach P.Paku but no monkey at all
01.35pm - rest n play water in the beach
02.00pm - back to where we start from
04.30pm - back to Hotel
05.30pm - reach hotel, shower n rest
06.00pm - dinner, eat seafood (quite expensive)
07.30pm - back to hotel
08.00pm - so tired, straight away pensan to bed.

Day 3 - 27th March 2006
07.30am - Wake up
08.10am - Walk around at the town area with Ryan, Sim, Ai Ling, Rachel n Drago
10.00am - Take a boat to opposite Water Front, take pic in front of Astana
11.00am - Bought some pepper n cake
12.00am - Praying at the Chinese temple
01.00pm - Check out fr hotel n having lunch (yummy Sarawak Laksa)
02.00pm - Jalan2 again in the town area
03.00pm - Reach air-port (flight delay for 2 hrs...TNS!!!)
05.00pm - Depart fr Kuching back to KL
07.00pm - Reach LCC-T, take skybus (Full house)
08.45pm - Reach home, quikly shower n have dinner
11.00pm - End of the day

Saberkas Race Report, coming soon!!

brought 2u by pm1 & Pm21

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