Friday, March 31, 2006

Welcome to Meow... Meow...

What : Saberkas RH Marathon
When : Sunday, 26th March 2006
Where : Petrajaya - Kuching, Sarawak
Distance : more than 21 km

der Good..
Woah.. no entry fee, somemore received free t-shirt, Powerbar, shoe bag, Sarawak cap, drink & meal coupons such as V-soy, 100plus, bananas, bread, free dinner & breakfast - but only for full marathoner, mineral water to take as many bottles as u like. And furthermore, free transportation to n from to the starting point n return to the hotel. Excellent handling of baggage, nice bib numbers. This was really unbelievable!! No organizer had accomplished such as this before, they were simply the best in Malaysia.

der Bad...
Starting time for 21 km brought forward to 6.15 am from 6.30 am, then moved back to 6.30 am. Couldn't they made up their mind? Number of mobile toilets were inadequate,2 for male & 2 for female, to accomodate 10,000 runners? Distance markers were not placed, so I had to gauge the distance from water stations as every 5 km there was one. Race marshalls pointed me to the wrong turn, damn cilaka! Asked them how further to the finish line, but no one marshall seemed to know. After I crossed the finishing line, appeared like nothing had happened, they just asked me to move aside. Hey! Where the heck is my well-deserved medal ahh? The reply from them was, "I don't know!". So upset and very dissappointed. When arrived back to look for my beautiful Rachel, she told me to collect the medal & certificate from the collection center. So I asked one of the official ppl where it was located? She replied, "Sorry I don't know" damn again! So I went and looked for it by myself lah.

My 21 km Split Time:
05km - 21' 29.96 > 0h 21' 29.96 (on target)
10km - 22' 33.20 > 0h 44' 03.16 (on target)
15km - 22' 12.32 > 1h 06' 15.48 (on target)
22km - 34' 59.00 > 1h 41' 14.48 (off target)

der Ugly...
15 minutes later, somebody told me medals for 21 km were already finished liao! As what I heard lah, all the 21 km medals were grabbed by 5 km school boys and girls. It was the biggest upset for all those 21 km finishers, including Joviet Sim PM25, Draco Ng PM24 & Woofy PM31 no medals for them too. Luckily, this time for Ryan Teoh Mei Mei PM17, he didn't "kantoi". To my horror, those students attempted to sell the medal each for RM10.00, that was really too much liao. And u know what? I saw some of the FTAAA ppl too, didn't know what the heck were they there for? Shouted & scolded ppl they pandai lah!

der Conclusion...
Honestly, I really enjoyed the run & the wonderful trip to beautiful Kuching. What more with my gangs of Pacemakers joining along, really made this journey so enjoyable, memorable & trully unforgetable.

...will be back again next year... (if airasia still offer free ticket :-p)

Next Stops:
Larian Cheng Beng - Broga, Seremban (2nd April 2006)
Larian Mesra Rakancop (16th April 2006)

brought 2u by pm1


Anonymous said...

Dear Ron,

A gruelling race...most of the way led by local runners... but in the end, they were outclassed by Kenyans,who set the strategy of pushing to the fore close to the end.

Nathan Kiplimo crossed finish line in 2.29:53s, for his effort bagged RM20,000


neveS MP

Ronnie See said...

Yeah Datuk,

Our local runners doing all der hard work, but in d end it was der Kenya runners steal der show.

Best M'sia finishes was rank 4, a chinese handsome white guy. Draco manage to snap his pic, will email it 2 u asap ya!


Anonymous said...

Malaysians not good say not good need to give excuse laaar....

Mr. Gypsum said...

shut the fuck up shine!