Monday, April 03, 2006

Meow Meow Pictures from Mei Mei Ryan DC

L-R: Ryan, Ronnie, Kelvin, Alden, Joviet, Eric Bana & Draco

Hahah!! No short cut, pls use der main road. We were trying to use der short cut from Damai Beach to Culture Village, but der gate was lock.

Picture taken at Damai Beach Resort main entrance

Sot Sot Wire? No lah, we were actually following der Statute at der background. But wat der heck Ah Loong doing I dont know lah.

Picture taken at Bako National Park Main Entrance, Cantik hor!

At Pulau Paku, after der tiring walk we dicided to take a rest, cinya tired lah. Tot can see monkey, but habuk pon tadak.

Ryan mei mei teoh & Ronnie ling ling @ Sarawak National Muzium

Tan khee meng & family

Pm1 & Uncle Sonny Ng

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Anonymous said...

so jealous sia.. u all were playing while i struggle w the 42 km!!! :-(
Ai Ling