Saturday, April 22, 2006

Clean Sweep by der_pacemakers!

What : Jogathon SK TTDI 2
When : Saturday, 22nd April 2006
Where : Taman Lembah Kiara - TTDI, Selangor DE

Distance : Approx 4.8km

High Blood Pressure Race!
I think this is der kaulat race for me in yrs 2006. From start until finish maximun speed until blackout. Der running course oso involve in uphill (1.5km), downhill (1.5km) & flat (1.5km). No site seeing, juz focus 2 potong sayur. My biggest enermy is Chen Fong Fong Pm8, oso der favourite & very top seeded for this event. (his home ground mah). At start we manage 2 turbo neck to neck until der hill part, dat time Chen was at pos #3rd & me #4th. Top two runners was juz 50m ahead of us only, so der battle look very exciting.

King of der Hill!
After I potong sayur Chen Fong Fong, I feel so high spirit & sumore getting closer n closer to this top two runners. Eventho der hill part is tough, but I never say die (dat is der spirit of Pm1). Finally my dream come true, I manage 2 potong sayur runner pos #2. Den a few second more, I oso potong der runner pos #1. Dat mean I'm der 1st runner to reach der SUMMIT! Woohoo... but happiness only for a short while. Coz my weakness is downhill, dat where der 1st guy manage 2 cut me back. Try 2 give a chase, but very risky lah. Der downhill so steep leh, so try be careful without getting any ankle hurt loh. Bcoz of too careful, my pos drop to #3rd. This fella really dont love their leg ahh? YEW!! Anyway, after coming down from downhill. All remaining is flat road, so I juz push as hard as I can without Fong Fong near me, Chen finish 4th placing.

Women Power!
Congratulation 2 all der girl-girls, top 4 placing was all sapu by our Pm's gang n frens. Champion goes to Eng Seok Juin Pm11, Eng Seok Ling (2nd), See Wai Fong - Chen wife (3rd), Rachel Lee (4th). Prizes goes up to top 5 finishes.

Thank You Chen Fong Fong!
I must really thanks 2 Chen, without his motivation & pressure. I couldnt run so well, I been doing very bad run in races recently. Once again, TQ Fong Fong for waking me up! :)

Next Stop :

Larian Bersama Chen Fong Fong (7th May 2006)

brought 2u by pm1

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larian 10km werstpot,klng port ahad 7 mei