Saturday, April 22, 2006

KLCC Virgin Run

Wah, very jia lat leh. here's my 5 lap time

Best of 5 Laps Split Time:
Lap 1 : 6min 16sec 27
Lap 2 : 6min 28sec 08 > 12min 44sec 35
Lap 3 : 6min 42sec 69 > 19min 27sec 04
Lap 4 : 6min 37sec 95 > 26min 04sec 99
Lap 5 : 6min 12sec 12 > 32min 17sec 11

Have you read my blog? I think my blog kena flag already..Maybe the organiser read my Polis Run post and flag my post. Now I cannot view my blog. Kanasai!

KLCC Best of 5 Laps Time Trials
25m 56s: Khoo Yit Kiat (4th June '05)
27m 13s: Wong Lip Soon (Dec '04)
27m 19s: Jack Toh (Dec '04)
27m 58s: Vincent Wong (10th Nov '04)
28m 02s: Ronnie See (18th April '06)
28m 06s: Justin Lee (20th Oct '04)
29m 09s: Chong Chee Wah (Dec '04)
29m 16s: Kenny Tan (4th June '05)
30m 55s: John Tan (1st Apr '05)
31m 21s: Adam Loh (20th June '05)
31m 52s: Tan Lee Chin (Dec '04)
30m 23s: Tey Eng Tiong (4th June '05)
32m 17s: Tan Boon Seng (21st April 2006)

33m 29s: Jamie Pang (18th Aug '04)
33m 50s: Rohaizad Norpiah (18th Aug '04)
33m 56s: Newton Yap (16th Feb '05)
33m 57s: Ng Ping Loong (19th April '06)
34m 11s: Ajeep Rashidi (4th June '05)
34m 19s: Kenneth Teh (17th Feb '04)
38m 10s: Cheong Shih-Heng (19th April '06)
38m 30s: Jason Lim (1st Feb '05)

brought 2u by Tan Peng Peng Pm16

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