Sunday, April 30, 2006

Jogathon Warisan 2006(Kubur Run)

2006年度千人義山行(Jogathon Warisan2006 )

PM11 SJ felt very jia lat on hill finishing,after some protest to get back 2nd !!

Women Open top 3 winners...!! RM 500,RM 200,RM 100 ...!!

Chen glad to improve position from 19 to 17 after some runners disqualified....hehe !!

Champion Arul look relax in finishing.Lucky protest to retain his NO:1....!!

PM14 Ah Toh very strong in hill run finished 13.

PM8 Chen pia hard to get 13 in Men Open.Dam Jia lat...look my eye n face.....!!

Please view pm22 album2 ,select Kubur 06 for more photos....!!


Men Open

1.29:03 Arul
2. 29.15 Saharudin

Women Open

2.42.xx SJ
3.42.56 SL

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