Sunday, April 09, 2006

Rainy Day

When : Sunday, 9th April 2006
Where : Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur
Time : 7.50am
Who : Ronnie (8 loops), Ryan (7) & Rachel (4)

Wanted to run Sri Hartamas, so set alarm clock 5.45am lor. Coz hv appointment wit Mei Mei Ryan at 6.30am. Unfortunaly it was heavy rain, so I sleep back. 6.11am recieved sms from Mei Mei Ryan "Ah Leong, raining la! So no training izzit? Woohooo!"

Wei... U know lah, raining wor.. always lazy to wake up wan. By 7am rain finally stop, so quicky call Ryan asking him to go Bkt Aman. He sound like very sad, coz I wake up his dream. hehehe....

der Split Time:
13' 29.17
12' 45.21 > 0h 26' 14.38
12' 28.30 > 0h 38' 42.68
12' 16.67 > 0h 50' 59.35
12' 03.18 > 1h 03' 02.53
11' 48.50 > 1h 14' 50.67
11' 36.26 > 1h 26' 26.93
11' 04.76 > 1h 37' 31.69

No Chee Yoke Fun!!
After our hard long run, went to Bkt Aman for shower. Then we head to Jalan Alor for our usual breakfast, der Chee Yoke Fun stall. Waaa!! Stall no open lah!!! No choice, so we decided go to Chow Kit road eat Pan Mee. Quiet famous oso der Pan Mee, recomanded by Rachel wan. While heading to der stall, guest who we saw? CHEN FONG FONG & family, wat a small world hor? He oso know how to go der place, mean der Pan Mee really famous lah. FYI, I eat 2 bowls of Pan Mee. But der price not cheap hor, RM4.60 per bolw ehh! Kan Nee Neh, suck blood ... not going there anymore liao! :p

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