Friday, April 07, 2006

3 Lap Time Trial @ KLCC

Bcoz I kenot break der 5 laps PR, den I hv to break der 3 laps PR lor. hehehe!! This time I hv full confident to PR, sumore I hv Draco as company. My target time for 3 laps is 16m 30s flat flat, n Draco target time is 19m 30s.

Lap 1 - 5' 21.15
This time I no more kiasi liao, I sprinted out wit full force. Wit all my "Goo Beh Lut" come out, I manage to do a good time for der 1st lap. So very der happy lah!

Lap 2 - 5' 38.85 (11' 00.00s)
Suddenly this lap I losing out of steam, dont know why suddenly no oil to push? Timing drop 17sec, which making me very der kan cheong.

Lap 3 - 5' 30.09 (16' 30.09s)
My mind kenot think anymore, I juz give everthing I hv. Come back ngam ngam nice! phew!! As for Draco, I very disappointed wit his timing lah 20m 40s way to slow liao!! GERAM!!

Best of Super 3 Laps from International Runners:
15m 28s: Khoo Yit Kiat (4th June '05)
16m 26s: Wong Lip Soon (Dec '04)
16m 27s: Jack Toh (Dec '04)
16m 30s: Ronnie See (6th April '06)
16m 45s: Vincent Wong (10th Nov '04)
17m 00s: Kenny Tan (4th June '05)
17m 09s: John Tan (14th March '05)
17m 32s: Chong Chee Wah (Dec '04)
18m 56s: Tan Lee Chin (Dec '04)
19m 17s: Jamie Pang (12th Apr '04)
20m 40s: Draco Ng (6th April '06)

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Newton said...

ronnie congrats on your pr!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ron,

To do personal best in 10 laps, may be you need to have more "yo char kuih" for breakfast. CM knows a stall near Seri Kembangan old town.