Tuesday, May 30, 2006

der par

next saturday june 03 is our par (pacemakers anniversary run)
and our team name is der tns team
just thought of a few possible tns meanings

anti smoking day, tns means today no smoking
when thinking of my children, tns means two naughty sons
sex without condom, tns means that's not safe
when adventurous with wife, tns means testing new style
if i am having a bad day, tns means tew nia seng
if i am having a good day, tns means today no stress
the day before the race, tns means tonight no sex
if i am gonna have sex marathon with wife, tns means thrust non stop
if wife is having a bad day, tns means today no soup
if argue with wife, tns means tentatively no sex

hope everyone have a great run and great fun!

Warm Regards,
Newton Yap, Pm18


Penguin 2 said...


From now onwards, I must be very careful in using TNS as I do not know it is an acronym for so many terms for the various occasions.

Anyway, it is good for a laugh.

Keep it up man !!!

Rachel said...

Hmm...now only i know TNS can be so many meanings.