Wednesday, May 31, 2006

PAR Run Latest Update

Dear All,

As requested by Pm1, I am writing this on behalf of him. You know Pm1 lah, very der busy wan.

Since we won't be having an official t-shirt or vest this time round, it has been suggested that each team decide on one race t-shirt or vest that will be worn by all team members. This would make it easier to recognise your members.

I possible each team should try to wear different colors. FYI, der Fantastic Four Team is wearing NB15k 2006 vest. So dont dont copycat ya! hehehe!!!

Some reminders:
- Play fair ya, I don't want to see people cutting corners by running on der grass! I know who you are!
- It's not always about der_medals. Enjoy life a bit - run for fun!
- This is a fun run, so no fighting, elbowing, tripping and spitting. KNNing is however welcomed!
- Come earlier for team and event photo session. 1 team, 1 photo!
- Be prepared to have lots of fun and laughter
- Bring along your spirit of pia!

Oh ya, don't TNS on Friday ya (refer to PM18 posting below for meaning of TNS)! See you on Saturday. We're going to reclaim Der_Bench!

der Tulangman

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