Thursday, May 11, 2006

PAR Run Latest Update

Here are der line up for der PAR Run II Relay. Each team require to hv a captain to lead their teammates. So I hope u are happy wit ur pole position, any amendment pls let us know by end of this wks. If no respon from u, mean decision is final.

Last but not least, pls make ur payment asap!

der pole position line up:

1) der-tns-team :
a) Cheong Shih Heng Pm12
b) Jamie Pang Pm5 (der captain)
c) Newton Yap Pm18
d) Justin Lee Pm19

2) der -PJ-Sub :
Kenny Tan Pm27
Tey Eng Tiong Pm22
Eng Seok Jiun Pm11
Chen Keat Hoong Pm8 (der captain)

3) der Cheras Kakis :
Khoo Yit Kiat Pm28 (der captain)
Ng Wei Hann from Permaisuri
Lee Weng Khong Pm35
Kelvin Ng Pm2

4) der Fantastic Four :
Dinesh Kumaran Pm4 (der captain)
Ryan Teoh Pm17
Ronnie See Pm1
Ng Ping Loong Pm24

5) der Young & Dangerous :
Toh Wai Kuen Pm14
Tan Boon Seng Pm16
Kevin Chow Pm32
Joviet Sim Pm25 (der captain)

6) der Pacemakers Fren'z :
Aeow Cen Peng (der captain)
Nezz Aniz Subhi
Zul Azlan from Putrajaya
William Chan

07) Der OX Team 1 (der Rocket Turtle)
Chan Chong Wah (der captain)
Toh Say Li
Chan Chui Miew
Phyllis Kok

08) Der OX Team 2 (der Turbo Snail)

Tan Boon Keat(Der Captain)

Joey Ng

Lew Man Lee

Ng Geok Wah

09) der Penguin Gang :
Tan Khee Meng, Penguin 2 (der captain)
Tony Quay, Penguin 3
Eric Teo, Penguin 10
Tan Chee Wee, Penguin 11

brought 2u by Dinesh Pm4


Mr Balan said...

Dear Ronnie/DK

I will ask my FTAAA officials to "observe" your event. Even though there's nothing more that I need to know, I want all my colleagues to know how to organise a proper event.

Best wishes from me and my family of Bombay Brothers!

True runner said...

Dear Pacemakers,

How come no one has asked me if i want to take part in the PAR 2 run , im not happy about this. I should be involed in this race at least i can set the pace also for the rest .

Best of luck to the runners and i will come there to chear people up.

Anonymous said...

I don't want him to be my team's captain!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ron,

I don't understand! Why are all captains males! Male chauvinistic! Man thought his own gender superior to feminine one ahh!

Mrs Balan

Anonymous said...

Dear Ron,

On the same note, we'll boycott this race if there are KLVAA runners. They'll dirty the track with their saliva..yuk!!!

Good luck

Mrs Balan

Anonymous said...

Ron, Dr Yaziz, Shine ,me and YB Rohaizad wan to form the 10th Team, why never invited us. TNS