Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This Week Training Programe

Monday - Rest
Deserve a rest after a hard run at Larian Bersama Bomba.

Tues - 10.4km @ KLCC
Glad to see Hau Wan Lin (one of der faster OX Gang runner), when I was running my 1st lap. Wan Lin haven ready yet, he need more warm up. After my 1-1/2 lap, Wan Lin ready to rock me. Most of der time, Wan Lin always ahead of me. I couldnt get close to him, everytime try to get close, he would move faster. Bcoz I'm so kiasu, better follow him rather den running in der front. Slowly n slowly Wan Lin is getting tired & powerless, and there is where I kill him off.. hahaha!! In d end, Wan Lin only run 5 laps, me 8 lappers.

8 Lapper Split Time:
7'08, 6'46, 6'33, 6'24, 6'18, 6'11, 6'06, 5'45 = 51'13

Wed - 3.9km (3 Lap) Time Trial @ KLCC
One of der most suffering run ever for me, my breathe nearly get stuck. I manage to improve my 3 lap time from 16'30 to 16'18, nearly 12sec improve. No wonder I kenot breathe lah!!

5'23.55 > 5'29.68 > 5'25.17 = 16'18.40 PR!

Thurs - Rest
Bcoz friday long run in der morning mah.

Fri - NB 15km Trial Run
Me, Ryan, Ah Loong & Dinesh wanna try out der NB15k route. Some of them not very sure, so I would guide them to der holland. Sorry I mean guide them to der actual route lah, if anyone of u are interest too. Pls wait us at Bukit Aman car park 7.30am. Why we start so late? So u can hv more sleep mah, ok boh? haha!

Sat - Training @ Lake Garden
Probably I think it would be only me running in dat morning, sigh.. Ryan is working on saturday.

Sunday - Rest
Celebrate Birthday wit Rachel Lee @ Pm21 - Yeehaa!!

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Wan Lin said...

Hi Ronnie, sorry for yesterday. Supposed to run yesterday, didn't feel well, so went back home earlier and fell asleep until 9 pm. Chong Wah couldn't make it as well because he was called for the meeting at the last minute.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll there at 7.30am.

pm 44

ron's der rocker's said...

Wan Lin,

Is ok, there is always a next time.

ron's der rocker's said...

Hello Pm44,

where u come from? UFO?

Anonymous said...


Adam told me that he may be joining you tomorrow for 15km trial run. Has finishing medals or not?


neveS MP