Tuesday, May 16, 2006

PAR Run Latest Update

FYI... On der race day, each teams will received 1 sheet of timekeeping which is showing on below. There are 2 Option for you to choose, and is up to your convenient whichever is easy.

Option 1
Those who dont hv split time in their watch, u may hv to use this format.

Option 2
Those who hv split time, u may consider using this format. Coz by the end of the day we will use this format to publish out the result in the blog.

There is some changes on Pacemakers & Frenz Team, Nezz has pull out of the event due to urgent matter. Lucky someone manage to replace her, and he is Eddy Choo from KLAVA running club.
Last but no least, currently we only hv 2 clipboard. Which are not enough to share it for 9 teams, apprecaite if u could bring ur own clipboard too. Pls comfirm to me whoever hv the clipboard, thank you.

brought 2u by Pm4 & Pm1


Tey said...


I provide my team...!!


pm1 said...

Thank You Tey..

But wat about OX Gang? Can u inform them too? Kam Siah!

nezz said...

thanks pm1!! i'm sorry for any inconvenience. i've got no excuse to escape from my office's INI SUSAHKAN ORANG program (I.S.O) thingy on that same day.. gud luck to all runners... have fun under the sun.. :)

True runner said...

Any team that gt some one droping i will be on a stand by to join any team.