Sunday, May 07, 2006

Surprise!... Surprise!...

Captim pm1,look his foot...flying oh......!!

Ah Toh 748...lucky number...!!

PengPeng finally add one medal of his pocket for this year roadrace.

AiLing from Singapore happy to have medal.

Kenny Tan must run Asthma run ,u know why ? To celebrate he free from asthma....!

Tan Wah Sing champion in veteran asthma run...he bar foot......very good,no need wash shoe....!

To view more photos of asthma run and Bomba run ,please view pm22 album2...!!

What : Larian Bersama Bomba
When : 7th May 2006
Where : Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

WOW!!.. U know wat? Medals for Men Open category suddenly increase from 50th to 100th! If i hv known earlier, I don hv to turbo until mother oso kenot reconize liao. Anyway, this is oso a very good news for intermediate runners. Such as Mei Mei Ryan Pm17 & Tan Peng Peng Pm16, eventho from start they oredi know zero percent chance of getting medals. Yet they never give up ever since from der Power Run & Polis Run, coz both of der run oso sapu lantai. Now both of them can smile happily ever after.

For those who didnt sign up Bomba, I think they must be squeezing their ball now.. hehehe!!

Result for Men Open 10.7km :
43'21 - Naresh Kumar (21st)
44'53 - Sean Quah (22nd)
45'16 - Guna (26th)
45'47 - Jack Toh, Pm14 (27th)
46'16 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (29th)
51'20 - Ryan Teoh, Pm17 (63rd)
54'41 - Tan Boon Seng, Pm16 (88th)

Men Jr. Veteran 10.7km :
55'12 - Aeow Cen Peng (53rd)

Women Open 10.7km :
66'30 - Quek Ai Ling, Spore (22nd)

Women Veteran 7km :
34'20 - Angie Ng (11th)

Pm's Ranking Points:
Pm14 = 4pts, Pm1 = 3pts, Pm17 = 2pts, Pm16 = 1pt.

This is der 2nd fastest time for me in dataran this yrs lah, bcoz medal limited mah. So kenot play-play lor, later habuk pon tadak. Actually I very boring running at dataran liao lah, everytime der same route nia. Can change to other place boh? So suffer running at der Jln duta hill lah. TOLONG!!

2006 Timing at Dataran Merdeka
46'08 - Siemen 10km Run (40th)
48'01 - KL Power Run (76th)
47'49 - Larian Mesra Polis (63rd)
46'16 - Larian Bersama Bomba (29th)

World Asthma Day Jogathon Result

Result for Men Open 5km :
19'05 - Richard Habeya, Pm26 (5th)
22'49 - Khoo Yit Kiat, Pm28
24'07 - Kenny Tan, Pm27
25'15 - Ng Ping Loong, Pm24
26'12 - Zulazlan, Putrajaya

Result for Men Open 5km :
21'18 - Tan Wah Seng (*Champion*)
21'20 - Vincent Wong, Pm10 (2nd)

Result for Women Open 5km :

26'05-Phyllis Kok(4th)

Pm's Ranking Points:
Pm10 = 11pts, Pm26 = 8.5pts, Pm28 = 1.5pts, Pm27 = 1pts,
Pm24 = 0.5pt.

brought 2u by pm1


Anonymous said...

larian bumba no stadard la...

Anonymous said...

donla hve to tell wholeworld wide i have asthma if i sue u

Anonymous said...

pmI cheat,short cut, disquaify

Anonymous said...

Other ppl intermediate runner so u call urself super advance runner is zit? No shame pm1

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must be the chilli fish
ai ling