Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Der Day Argentina Declared War On Germany

This Argentina sibo, always wan to find trouble wan. In der 80's, they walk over to der Falklands Islands and pangsai there, so der English very der upset. So der English sent their warships over and bombed der Argies into submission. At that time, der warfare technology oredi cinya advanced liao, so everyday der newspapers got very kincheong war reports wan. Tapi cinya chay lang die lor... Kek sim oso.

Now sibo, it's Germany's turn to pangsai on Argentina's parade. Cinya TNS nia lor... This time they will settle all matters on der field. No weapons wan unless they pangpui and KNN on each others face or hoot each other kau kau lat lah! I think sibo, der match will see 8 fellas kena red card including der referee lah! Having so many players sent off didn't lower the match excitement. Instead sibo, there were so many goals. Everytime Argentina advance sure got goal scored wan. And then Germany cinya bo luck. Everytime they attack, the ball hit der post wan. Wat to do?

So wat do you guy think der score will be? 10-0, 0-10 or 10-10? Hahahaha!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ron,

The Azzurri will definitely advance into final from that group. Therefore, the Argentina will go home early.


neveS MP