Sunday, June 11, 2006

der Larian Fong Fei Kei :p

What : PJ Half Time Trial
When : 11th June 2006, Sunday
Who : Pm1, Draco Ng & Lai Fong Sang
Distance : 20km nia...

GRRR!!! Where da heck is everyone ahh? Nevermind lah, I think is bcoz of raining gua. Anyway I'm still very happy got Ah Loong & Lai for acompany lah, eventho we're in different pace. Now I only realize dat my last long run to Sri Hartamas was GE30km, wow time fly so fast hor? Neway, we start our run at 6.50am, running at very slow pace at der begining. After 3km Lai oredi wan to start fire liao, Ah Loong still mantain his relax pace. So I follow Lai very closely, until hoki stadium my turn to start turbo. Reaching hartamas at 50'30s which follow close behind by Lai at 51mins plus, while Ah Loong at 55mins plus, but he didnt stop for resting.

Coming back for der 2nd 10km, dont know why, feeling very syok sumore weather so nice leh. I pia wit one guy wearing green colour vest, he always infront of me, until last 150m I only can potong sayur him. So make me very jialat & khang khor! I dont know dat guy name, n never seen him b4 lah. While for Lai, he pancit at last 3km left, so hv to run & walk back to finish line. As for Ah Loong, he use double hill route for his 2nd 10km, still doing a good time.

Pm1 Split Time for 20km:
10km #1 - 50' 30.17s
10km #2 - 45' 00.25s > 1hr 35' 30.42s

Lai & Loong Timing :
1' 51.22 - Ng Ping Loong
1' 51.45 - Lai Fong Sang

brough 2u by pm1

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