Friday, June 09, 2006

Battle of der 3 lapper!

DK:I will come back again soon !!

DK n Lai start very kan cheong !!

Lai look steady !!
Lai pace by pm1 !!

Dinesh Vs Lai Fong Sang
At 6.25pm der klcc park oredi croweded wit all der supporter to watch live action between DK & Lai. Jamie der camera man, Rohaizad der flag off man, Boon Seng der pom pom girl & Newton come late man. To add more kan cheongness to thier battle, we also hv some back-up runners from various ppl. Such as Ah Loong, Yin Fook & his brother (both are newcomer) and of course der busybody Pm1.

6.40pm Rohaizad flag off der event, everyone turbo like rocket. Lai lead der lap, DK follow very closely, der rest stay behind DK butt. After 1st lap, Lai & DK still going strong. But der rest all crash out, except der Pm1.

Going into 1.5 lap, DK oredi show low batery liao. I think he got stomach problem, too bad he has to stop after complete his 2nd laps. And now it only left Lai der never say die runner keep der flag flying for his final lap, but half way to his final lap. He oso low batery liao, lucky Pm1 still there to push him to kau-kau lat until finish.

Word from DK Scwarzenegger : I'll Be Back!!!

Pm1 - 3 lapper split time:
Lap 1 > 5' 45.30 (pacing wit DK)
Lap 2 > 6' 20.81 > 12' 06.11 (pacing wit DK)
Lap 3 > 5' 42.81 > 17' 48.92 (pacing wit Lai)

Next Battle (3 lapper) - Lai Fong Sang vs Tan Boon Seng (23rd June 2006)

brought 2u by pm1


Lai said...

Don't give up, try again later, you can do it!

Newton said...


congrats on your pr! very good time. u have improved tremendously just in a few months!

u and i know u can do it, just not today.