Thursday, June 15, 2006

Exclusive Ranking Points: For PJ Half Only!

Bcoz sibo, PJ half is so popular in Malaysia hor, der captain has decided to give extra ranking pts only for der slower runners. This is to motivate them to pia si pek kau kau lat and earn more pts for themselves else they kenot catch up wit der top runners in der ranking list.
der pts system:
dip below 2'30 - additional 1 pts
dip below 2'15 - additional 2 pts
dip below 2'00 - additional 3 pts
dip below 1'55 - additional 4 pts
dip below 1'50 - additional 5 pts
dip below 1'45 - additional 6 pts
dip below 1'40 - sorry banggali, no points.

Brought 2 u by PM1

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