Thursday, June 15, 2006

Jason Learn2eat double PR kau-kau lat!!

Wish u were here to watch Jason pia until want to vomit face, I manage to watch der whole exciting drama. Coz I was pacing wit him from start until finish, I tot he going to stop after 3 laps. Coz I can see he almost wan to like sotong liao, but he has der high determination to carry on, eventho is hard, but der spirit of pia power him to complete der 5 lappers! Congrats Jason, he has making a huge leap from 36'24 to 33'07 at least 3mins improvement. And now he is rank 17th in der best of 5 lapper!

Jason Split Time :
Lap 1) 6' 12.57
Lap 2) 6' 28.68 > 12' 41.25
Lap 3) 6' 44.05 > 19' 25.30 (3 laps PR!) old record 20'15
Lap 4) 7' 01.13 > 26' 26.43
Lap 5) 6' 40.89 > 33' 07.32 (5 laps PR!) old record 36'24

der best of 5 laps ranking list:
25m 05s:Richard Habeya (3rd June '06)
25m 56s: Khoo Yit Kiat (4th June '05)
27m 13s: Wong Lip Soon (Dec '04)
27m 19s: Jack Toh (Dec '04)
27m 58s: Vincent Wong (10th Nov '04)
28m 02s: Ronnie See (18th April '06)
28m 06s: Justin Lee (20th Oct '04)
29m 09s: Chong Chee Wah (Dec '04)
29m 16s: Kenny Tan (4th June '05)
30m 23s: Tey Eng Tiong (4th June '05)
30m 55s: John Tan (1st Apr '05)
31m 21s: Adam Loh (20th June '05)
31m 52s: Tan Lee Chin (Dec '04)
32m 01s: Tan Boon Seng (25th April '06)
32m 03s: Lai Fong Sang (1st June'06)
32m 16s: Ryan Teoh (21st April '06)
33m 07s: Jason Lim (15th June '06)

33m 29s: Jamie Pang (18th Aug '04)
33m 50s: Rohaizad Norpiah (18th Aug '04)
33m 56s: Newton Yap (16th Feb '05)
33m 57s: Ng Ping Loong (19th April '06)
34m 11s: Ajeep Rashidi (4th June '05)
34m 19s: Kenneth Teh (17th Feb '04)
38m 10s: Cheong Shih-Heng (19th April '06)

39m 18s: Blue Ameba (7th June '06)

brought 2u by pm1


Rachel said...

Dear Jason,

Congra. to you. And thanks for collecting the bib & tee for us.

Newton said...


Congrats on your pr! And many many thank yous for taking leave to collect the PJ bibs! i really appreciate it.