Thursday, June 01, 2006

PAR Run Update! Lagi 2 hari nia....

der "Da Pms Code"
Remember, while wishing everyone good morning on saturday morning. U must oso say out der Da Pms Code, wat is der Da Pms Code?

Da Pm's Code = Pia Kau Kau Lat!

Comfirm Team Vest :
Fantastic Four > NB15k Vest Yrs 2006
der TNS Team > Nike 15k Vest Yrs 2004
Young & Dangerous > GE30k Vest Yrs 2006

Wat is ur Team vest?
Pls arrange wit ur group leader which are der vest to wear. If u dont hv der vest, u may borrow from whoever got lah. If really really dont hv, then is ok loh.

Beside der above mention vest, here are some u may consider?
1) Nike 15k Vest Yrs 2003
2) NB15k Vest Yrs 2005
3) PACM 4x3k Relay Vest 2005
4) PACM Yellow Brook Vest
5) PACM Blue Brook Vest
6) PACM Red Brook Vest

brought 2u by pm1


P3 said...

Hi PM1..

The Penguins runners will be wearing the original Emperor Penguin suit 'tuxedo' hehhe black n white....P3 signinf off

blueameba said...

OX teams are not professional runners, so very hard get the same color vest.

So hor... what we can do to differentiate ourselves with other pro-runners leh... is to wear bib la... :D

All the best!