Friday, June 02, 2006

Tomorrow's Der Day!

Wah lau, cinya kin cheong liao! In a few more hours, 36 cinya brave runners will be making der trip to der KLCC Park. There hor, they will do their warm up. Then sibo, they will take their group photos and laugh, joke and talk nonsense. Finally, they will toe der starting line waiting for our VVIP - who is never late - to flag off the official 2nd PAR!

If you want to see people in der process of pia kau kau lat, then come! If you want to see lau sai faces, then come! If you're not afraid of seeing people vomit or collapse in exhaustion, then come! If you are turned on by sweaty people, then come! If you want fun and laughter amidst all der pain, then come!

Rest well, sleep early, no TNSing tonight and see you all in a few hours!

p/s: der Cheras Team vest is Nike 15k Yrs 2003!

brought 2 u by PM1


Anonymous said...

Weather forecast Tomorrow:

7:30am heavy downpour

sek pau said...

KLCC park closed for NAM meeting!
No entry sign put today!