Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hope Run & Walk - Race Report

When : Saturday, 22nd July 2006
Where : Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Distance : approx 7.4km
Medal : 1st to 30th Placing nia!

Yeahhhh !! I finally won liao...champion in Hope Run!! No lah..just joking placing 17, timing 31:03 for 7km!! Please view pm22's album 2 for more action photos.

Almost PR!
Cinya geram, juz miss my PR by 4sec only at der most toughest race in dataran. Sumore der medals is limited to 30 hardcore runners only, so must turbo kau-kau lausai until finish. Actually must thanks to Fong Fong, he really make me wake up from my run lah. Else I still running at der kiasu pace, fong fong really make me pushing to der limits. Eventho he oredi mabuk-mabuk liao. To my surprise me & fong fong manage to finish among top 20th placing. So cinya happy wit my run lah, actually I really push to 100 percent all out, eventho tomoro I hv another event at Klang. Anyway hor, Klang I wanna do slow slow nia, emmm say about 4.30pace /km lah. Who wanna follow me? who who?

Tey was there too, coming all der way from PJ to snap picture for us too. Kam Siah Gege Tey!

Result for Men Open :
27:15 - Richard Habeya, Pm26 (5th)
30:08 - Naresh Kumar, Pm37 (11th)
30:58 - Gunaselan (16th)
31:03 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (17th)
31:31 - Chen Fong Fong, Pm8 (19th)
31:42 - Runner 20th
32:05 - Runner 21st
32:23 - Runner 22nd
32:25 - Runner 23rd
32:31 - Runner 24th
32:33 - Runner 25th
32:41 - Runner 26th
32:48 - Runner 27th
33:05 - Runner 28th
33:08 - Lee Weng Khong, Pm35 (29th)
33:48 - Runner 30th **Last Kopek**
37:09 - Ng Ping Loong, Pm24 (50th)
39:02 - Lai Fong Sang, Pm38 (57th)

Women Open 7.4km:
34:32 - Eng Seok Jiun, Pm11 (6th)

Women Veteran 7.4km:
34:36 - Eng Seok Ling, (5th) RM150

Pm's Ranking Point:
Pm26 = 14pts, Pm11 = 08pts, Pm37 = 07pts, Pm01 = 06pts,
Pm08 = 05pts, Pm35 = 04pts, Pm24 = 02pts, Pm38 = 01pt.

Next Stop : Klang 10km Run, 23rd July 2006

p/s: Please view Tey album 2 for more action photos, wish u all der best in BKT Run !!

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