Sunday, July 23, 2006

Klang 10km Run - Race Report

When : Sunday, 23rd July 2006
Where : Padang Sultan Suleiman - Klang, Selangor
Distance : Approx 11km
Medal : 1st to 300th!!

Am Kan Again...
Cinya frust, I was late 6mins to der starting line due to my cilaka pangsai business. I heard der gun bang, really got der big shock!! Its only 7.05am nia, der race has started liao?? Couldn't do anything, except waiting my turn to pangsai, which still got two ppl queue up. I bang der toilet door until want to pecah liao, only that guy wan to come out. Sumore he come out naked, opps.. I think he must get der shock from me hor? hehehe...

After finish my cilaka pangsai, quicky pia kau-kau lat with no warm up & streching. Lucky my shoe lace oredi put in tight-tight liao, so easy for me to turbo wit no limit. Is not very fun running at der back of der grid, this is my 2nd time of doing this liao. I lost 6mins, feel like want to cry liao. Keep chasing n chasing, my main target is to potong all der Pm's. 1st victim Ng Ping Loong, follow by Kevin Chow, Lai Fong Sang, Boon Seng, Ryan Teoh, Fong Fong & finally SJ. Well all of them get shock why I come from behind, der only thing I can say is lausai loh. cinya DEW!!

This yrs der Klang route change again, oso my 4th time running this event liao. 4th time running der different route, sumore is longest distance of all yrs. But this yrs route cinya interesting, no need to climb staircase liao, jus running zig-zag like siow lang. And u know wat, I saw it wit my own eye. Ppl cheating, taking der short cut from der zig-zag route. I shout from behing and say, "Oi, cheating kah - dew!" den dat fella juz keep quiet n didnt dare to look at me. Cinya geram seeing like this situation, there is plenty of medals. Why must cheat? How are u going to tell is to ur son & family member? I cheat to win?

As u all know hor, I oredi run on saturday liao. Yet I didnt feel any tired leh, maybe der kan cheong-ness make me forget about my tired loh. My tiredness only come wit 1km to go, I think oredi out of gas liao. Cross finish line in 47min 29sec, position 49th - Woohoo!!

After finish run liao, Tan Peng Peng bring us to makan Klang famous Bah Kut Teh. Anywhere in Klang oso got BKT, but we dont know is good want. Thanks to Peng Peng for der guide, oso joining der BKT were, Rachel, Draco, Boon Seng, Ryan & 2 of Ryan peng you.

Overall we are very enjoy der Klang trip, yes I'll come back again next yrs. And pls pls God, dont make me lausai so much lah. Anywhere in Malaysia oso got my shiet liao! kakakaka!!!

Previous Record in Klang Run :
2003 - 42 mins 48sec (50th) 9.9km
2004 - 37 mins 50sec (55th) 9.1km
2005 - 42 mins 33sec (47th) 10.3km

Result for Men Open 11km :
00:00 - Naresh Kumar, Pm37 (29th)
47:29 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (49th)
53:10 - Chen Fong Fong, Pm8 (67th)
53:08 - Ryan Teoh Chun Ming, Pm17 (69th)
53:26 - Tan Boon Seng, Pm16 (70th)
55:06 - Ng Ping Loong, Pm24 (93rd)
56:34 - Kevin Chow, Pm32 (98th)
56:56 - Lai Fong Sang, Pm38 (103rd)

Women Open 11km:
51:30 - Eng Seok Jiun, Pm11 (10th)

82:05 - Rachel Lee, Pm21 (40th)

Men Junior Veteran 7km:
51:00 - Cheong Shih Heng, Pm12 (103rd)

Pm's Ranking Point:
Pm37 = 10pts, Pm01 = 09pts, Pm11 = 09pts, Pm08 = 07pts,
Pm17 = 06pts, Pm16 = 05pts, Pm24 = 04pts, Pm32 = 03pts,
Pm38 = 02pts, Pm21 = 01pts, Pm12 = 1pt.

Next Stop : Penang International Bridge Run, 30th July 2006

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Tey said...


gua suggest u see dr lah...!! if settle this as early as possible,sure u REAL ONE will come out...!!

take care

fook said...

wat happen?
always lau sai one?

Anonymous said...

Kami menyediakan khidmat bomoh siam untuk runners ingin PB (personal best) di Penang Bridge. Gurenti sukses atau wang dipulangkan! Tel 01s ut0 k1ko

Anonymous said...

Kami menyediakan khidmat bomoh siam untuk runners ingin PB (personal best) di Penang Bridge. Gurenti sukses atau wang dipulangkan! Tel 01s ut0 k1ko

Anonymous said...

No good say no good okay just admit it, no need to say lau sai here and there.....

U also take short cut u think i didn't see izzit!!!


Anonymous said...

u trng so hard, run intervals, speed trng, u name it u hv done it... i thot u shud do 37mins not 47mins for 10k. 47mins, any apek or veteran can do it too!!!