Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happening in Penang

L-R: Kevin Chow Pm32, Ah Loong Pm24, Tai Kor Chin, Ronsee Pm1 & Lim Pueh Tian

Flying Dragon: Yes everyone can fly, even Pacemakers oso can fly hor!

Praying for PR: Sleeping Buddha

Cinya Tinggi: Pm1 & Pm32 posting at der 8 feet high buddha

Say Cheese: Pacemakers @ Penang War Muzium

Party Time: Ronsee & Loong Loong having a great time for drink

Ready to Rock Kau-Kau Lat: Pacemakers having a photos session b4 der showdown

Ngam Ngam Ho: Ronsee on time snaping der beautiful bridge of Penang, but cinya dark.. DEW!!

Medal Medal: Yeah, Everyone happy to get a medals too!!

Woohoo Suffer is Over liao: L-R, Elora Ong, Wendy Ming-Huey & Rachel Lee

Last Hug: Goodbye my love, my sweetheart, my darling & my bontot. Both of them are leaving malaysia by end of july, going to miss them kau-kau lat liao!

Podium Finish: Eng Seok Juin Pm11 finish 3rd in Women Marathon n whooping RM1500 in der pocket!

Der PM's & Woofy Gang: Loong Pm24, Rachel Pm21, Audrey & Evirna Hon Pm31

Medal for 2006 Collection

Penang Bridge Run Medals Collection Since 1996

brought 2u by pm1


Anonymous said...


PM1 was stripped his medal for failing doping test lar!

Anonymous said...

please lar ronnie, stop posing like kindergarden kids & no peace sign please (peace was fad in 60s during Vietnam war!) it ain't cool anymore..