Thursday, August 03, 2006

Penang International Bridge Run 2006 - Race Report!

Long time never write such as long report, but any how.. hope u'll enjoy it lah!!

One of der most cinya cinya hapenning race in Penang

Lim peh kah lu kong hor....
By 1.30am gua oredi wake up liao, cinya kan cheong liao. Kenot sleep oredi, roll roll here n and roll roll there until 3.30am. Waulaueh time pass so slow wan, after that hor cinya excited liao. Wake everyone up and by 4.00am Gua der Pm1, Rachel Pm21, Ah Loong Pm24 & Elora Ong my niece start to leave from der house liao to meet up wit Justin Lee Pm19, Adam Loh aka CCB Pm29, Kevin Chow Pm32, Lim Pueh Tian, Ryan Pm17 & his Nephew. By 4.05am gua oredi reach Hotel Vistana for der meet up which is about kira-kira emmm... 500m nia.

By 4.20pm gua n der gang reach der parking area liao, lucky still got place to park loh. But cinya cilaka loh hv to pay RM3 to those Hak Seh Wooi gangster, else later car kena whack how? After settle everything, gua n der gang walk to der starting point which is der world most longest walk ever to starting point. After masuk kandang liao hor, oso can consider der world most biggest kandang ever lah, then quicky pia myself to der toilet. Fuyo.. lucky gua manage to find 1 public toilet which not many ppl know wan. After kautim, quickly pia to der starting gate liao. Ngam ngam ho, after der gate open. Gua quicky turbo kau-kau to get a good position at der starting line, which gua only stand in der 2nd row nia. Cinya sui position liao, can see der Sami Vellu ponya face cinya clear clear want, but gua oredi sweat like waterfall liao. Due to cinya humid from all type of alien n all der busuk busuk smell from their chow kik tiak (cinya smelly arm pit loh).

By 5.30pm Sami Vellu bring out his machine gun n brang kau-kau lat to everyone, gua oso cinya excited forgot how to slow down gua eh pace liao. Gua think gua ran 4.00 min/kmh for der 1st km loh, after reaching der bridge only gua start to slow down a bit nia, coz not so jam liao mah. After 2km of running, kanasai oh my god.. sakit perut. Feel like wan to pangsai, DEW!!! Gua pray to Ang Kong, Tee Kong, Hoot Chor Mah, Tua Peh Kong (all my God lah) pls dont make gua pangsai leh, coz there is no toilet at all during der whole journey leh. Cinya TULAN loh, must tahan der cilaka shit all der way to finish line. Gua didnt date to turbo after that, scare der shit might come out tiba-tiba mah. Gua eh mind keep thinking of other thing except der %^$#@##.

After der 1st water station gua eh bontot a bit ok liao, timing 24min 07sec. der feeling oso cinya der cool n fresh, coz der angin blow so hard until gua wanna fly away liao. But 1 thing cinya boring is they close up der divider loh, really potong gua ehh steam leh. Want to cheers runners oso kenot, cinya TNS!!

Gua reaching der 2nd water station 10km mark at 24min 19sec (gua eh total 10km is 48min 26sec). Waa, cinya slow leh der timing. Gua kenot tahan liao, from there on gua start to tambah minyak liao n start potong sayur 1 by 1. While after making der U-turn hor, gua spoted Justin Lee Nia Seng & Adam CCB they are juz der opposite nia. Ayoyo.. amama, making gua even kan cheong leh. Kiasu mah.. haha!! Before reaching to der middle bridge, spoted gua eh boh (my bini) she snap 1 memorable pic for gua. Fuyo, lucky timing ngam ngam correct but aiya sky still cinya very dark. DEW!!

Searching for der 3rd water station after gua eh timing has pass 25min liao liao, at 28min 33sec gua baru sampai der cilaka 3rd water station. Gua dont know why hor suddenly feel cinya thirsty leh, gua think body too dry liao due to der strong strong wind lah. After drink der whole cup, gua continue to potong sayur lah.

After another 2.5km liao hor, gua saw another water station. Cinya happy coz beh tahan liao, wollap another cup again. So thirsty leh, gua never felt like this before wan wor. Lucky water station is enuf loh, gua dont know about you all lah. Some say yes some say no, hmmm... wah chee lei sei lah... wakakaka!!

Wit der big signboard shown 2000m to Glugor, gua very confident liao. Actually from there hor, there is still approx 3.5km to finish line lah. Again gua saw 1000m to Glugor, gua lagi lagi hor confident coz gua still got plenty of minyak to tekan mah. After gua out of der bridge liao hor, gua saw Kelvin Ng Pm2 ngam ngam oso out of der bridge too. After gua say hi to him, gua look at gua eh timing oredi shown 1hr 30mins liao. Kanasai, Jialat jialat liao.. gua eh target is to finish sub 1'40 leh. Wit 1.5km to go gua shift to gua eh final gear, hoot kau-kau lat until gua corss der line beautifully, handsomely & powerfully at 1hour 39min 41sec and oso gua eh PR!!

happily brought 2u by pm1


fook said...

haha, cinya sui hor lu eh report,
gua laugh bei stop when read it,
congrat on lu PR,
lucky lu boh pangsai di penang bridge,

Tey said...

ya lah..y bo lausai leh ? finally found the settle way ?

anyway keong hi ,keong hi !! PR

Rachel said...

Wa hmm chai lu eh lang gong ha mik, eh sai learn hokkien liao,thats all i know. :-p

Boon Haw said...

Haha! Very lau sai! Eh sai piak kau kau lat liao!!

Dinesh said...

Well done kapitan! All the training has paid off and without coach Chan's intervals

Anonymous said...

Well done!pm1,congratulations on your PR, really enjoy reading your report too! I laugh until non stop and a good chance for me to learn hokkien. Keep it up!

Lai Fong Sang said...

Well done! pm1, congratulations on your PR, really enjoy reading your report! I laugh until non-stop. By reading your report, it provide a good opportunity for me to learn hokkien too.
Keep it up!

pacemaker17 said...

dieeee..i laughed and laughed, sudddenly boss came out from his office..tns i thought he oredi went out for lunchhh!!!!!

pm1 said...


Alonso Fook, Gege Tey, Low Poh Tai Yang, Joviet Kor Kor, Dinesh, Lai Fong Sang, Sap Chat Sai Low.

Gua cinya kam tung now, kam siah for der word. Cinya appreciate it.

Yeah.. lucky no lausai, must kam siah to my ang kong poh pee me. haha!!

C-CUBE said...

you dont eat so much the nite b4, u sure dont lausai one, anyway good to see u doing PR. next year do the full marathon, no more hide here hide there onli running 21k. hehehe!!!!

Tey said...


morning time jadi pm liao...hehe

Anonymous said...

Yahoo...CM & I already bought Air Asia tickets, $0.99 one-way for Sat 2/12 to Senai, JB where Joviet would fetch us. Cheapest way to go Sing's mara.

Anonymous said...