Monday, August 28, 2006

Larian Merdeka - Pictures Update




At Finishing Line: Me, Ryan, Jatson (Ryan bf) & James Alonso Fook

Yo Ma Look! Me n Mr. Balan taking picture lah!! (kenot believe it hor?)

At Starting Line: Me, Jatson (Ryan bf), Ryan & James Alonso Fook

der Goodies: This suppose to be Runwitme ponya job, since he is not available. So I ganti his place loh. Runwitme, ok or not I arrange der goodies? keke!

der Certificate: Hmmm, no medal. But Certificate oso hemtam lah, sui boh?

brought 2u by pm1


Mrs Ronnie said...

Wei Ronnie,
Is the chair oso part of the goodies? :-p u shld put the T-shirt as well.

Pm1 one of der best runner in the world said...


no place to put der goodies thing mah.. so simply simply put at der chair loh.. der baju still wet lah.. kan cheong to snap pic liao mah.. shld hv put my underwear oso wan, kekekeke!!!

Mr Balan said...

Finally able to meet you. You think we got a lot of baget izzit? You know how much I have to beg like cow to get the sponsors for the pears, caps, etc... Summore complain about no medals. How about Der_Pacemakers sponsoring the medals next year...Huh Huh Huh?!

RunWitMe said...

Wah...good job PM1. I missed a good run....