Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cbox pop ups

Dear visitors, kindly take note that we have received a few messages from our friends advising us that they have been faced with constant Advertisment pop ups whenever they visit this blog. After further investigation we have managed to identify that these pop ups are actually being generated by the chatbox which is a free 'hosted script' thus not giving us any control to stop them.

Please rest assured that aside from it being a nuisance, these pop ups do not form any serious threat to your computer. You are adviced to please close the windows should they appear. However most of us do not have this problem since we have updated security applications on our systems which block these irritating pop ups.

For those of you who are unable to install the latest security applications, perhaps due to company policy or some other reason, you could always use the Mozilla Firefox browser instead of Internet Explorer as it comes with a built in pop up blocking function. You can download Firefox from this link http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/.

Lastly we all agree that having a chatbox in this site has been very inspiring for many of us. We started initially with the Hollabox which has since been discontinued and then moved on with a few different free messengers before finally using the Cbox. Due to all these messengers being free, we have had problems with reliability from time to time and find that the Cbox has had a higher uptime when compared to other messengers that we have tried.

We also find that the Cbox has a fast response time in posting messages and is quite user friendly. Should you have any suggestions on any other known javascript messengers which have similar features and are just as "reliable", please let us know so that we can evaluate our options and make a final decision on whether to stick with the Cbox or to switch to something else. Thank you!

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