Tuesday, October 17, 2006

DK and Rachel Sponsor October Birthday Boy Cake

Hi all PMs and all runners:

For your info, the october birthday boy cake is sponsor from PM's Network Run race director DK and Pm21 Rachel.

Thanks for their sponsor, gave the October birthday boy cake ya...!!

Network Run Race Report oso can be view @
Pm04 - http://klang-runner.blogspot.com/
Pm05 - http://carboman.blogspot.com/
Pm19 - http://pm19.blogspot.com/
Pm25 - http://petalingrunner.blogspot.com/
Pm40 - http://f00k.blogspot.com/

Me captain of der Pm1, really wan to bring der heart out and thanks to all der volunteers for der help. Without u guys, I can run der event so well. The helpful volunteers are, Rachel, DK, Tey Eng Tiong, Jamie Pang, Ryan Teoh, Lim Pueh Tian, Phyllis Kok, Eng Seok Jiun, Ng Ping Loong & Do Re Mi.

And oso not forgotting der Main sponsor Tan Sri Rohaizad, co sponsor Chen Keat Hoong & Lai Fong Sang.


brought 2u by Pm1

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