Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Damn der Haze!

This whole wks cinya damn bz rushing work, everyday leave ofis very late. Sumore wit this cilaka banggali haze, add more am-kan to my running. Today i kenot tahan anymore, poof ofis at 6.30pm. Reach klcc 6.45pm n quickly do warm up, n then saw Coach Chan. Hv a quick chit chat wit him, n asking him der most important question.

"Mr Chan, der haze so bad can run boh?" Coach say go n TNS der Haze n run, it wont kill you want, as long u drink plenty of water will do. WAH!! Wit his encourage word, i quickly poof off n pia kau-kau lat. And it was my most satisfying run despite der banggali haze!

Richard was there too, he pia very fast regardless of der haze. Coach was there taking his time, Richard hv to pia for 8 lap. I could only watch until his lap 5 nia, coz i need to go off liao. His lap time was 5'03, 5'03, 5'09, 4'58, 5'02... der rest u need to ask him liao... pls anyone can help?

What : Training at KLCC
When : 18th October 2006
Distance : 10.4km
Split Time : 6'29, 6'25, 6'24, 6'17, 6'13, 6'14, 6'09, 5'55
Timing : 50 mins 09.93 sec

What : No training - Rush Work n Haze!
When : 17th October 2006
Distance : 0.0km

What : No training - Rush Work n Haze!
When : 16th October 2006
Distance : 0.0km

What : der_Pacemakers Network Run
When : 15th October 2006
Distance : 13.8km
Split Time : 9'51, 10'23, 10'37, 10'36, 10'26, 9'54.88
Total Timing : 1 hour 01 mins 49 sec

I want to congrats to this pia kau-kau lat runners, and the are.. Naresh, Jack Toh, Chen Fong Fong, William Chan, Khoo Yit Kiat, Justin Lee, Adam Loh & Kenny Choo. Bcoz they are der only 8 runners manage to run sub 65mins, which consider a very good damn timing. I'm very proud of you all, you guys really show out der spirit of pia. I hope next yrs more PM's can run sub 65mins, those didnt achieve it. Pls try again next yrs ya, I'll be there for you.

p/s: Tan Sri Rohaizad, when are you coming back? Got Open House boh?

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