Thursday, October 19, 2006

Poor handicap pig 4 speed

Posted by Picasa Poor handicap pig 4 speed

After check the saucony through out plus influence Jeremy and Daniel to buy each one each saucony, I decide skip 2day train, as sky is in deep dark unable to see the twinkle star.

But the invitation from Jeremy, the speed train master, cannot be resist by my hunger of study new method.So I quickly change in the dark, and jump 2 try out the 6 X 600meter speed train.

The guy is really serious in training, not like me only trying to fool around when train, totally different character!

That why after the 1st lap he express out he really don’t happy with my performance, he say every time he run around 1m55 for the 600m and I am over 2m on the same course.

His piss off really make me scare and pay attention on his instruction, because he is really outsize me a lot.

I have try the 2nd course, the 3rd the 4th and 5th, with 1.5min break in between , all is out of 2m and the guy again and again insist me to deep under 2m on the course, or else have to do more under the damn haze!

I really want to cry and regret to join this fella on such a crazy training method, I request 2m break after the 5th trial, tie really hard on my shoe and do frog bump to harden the thigh, now I am ready.

Once he say GO, I have take the lead, by his surprise, I push really hard, but unfortunately the thigh feel sore in the last 50meter, and the giant fella overtake me. So upset by this, but on the other hand the timing for me is 1m53s, yeah! I can go home lioa… and he needs me to do this for 2 month to see the real effect in race, and can’t be done in the race week. Hah?? My maiden of all run is around corner and ask me to take a two month train?! No way, and I don’t think I am the material for such crazy work out, I had tried but I was unable to adapt it, maybe you people try out.

Poor Handicap Pig 4 speed.


At 6:53 PM, Boon Haw said…

Pig 4 Speed,

I am training for 600m too. Although the timing is not as crazy as that la but then there are positive effects from the 600m. I felt that it forced me to 'control' my speed better because the distance is 200m longer than the usual 400m lap. The next thing was that I felt stronger coming out from this training. Maybe you shoudl try?

At 9:37 PM, Carbo Man said…

wah, a hardcore runner roasting and torturing our resident pig!

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