Tuesday, October 10, 2006

KLCC 10 laps PR again from Lai Fong Sang

Hot...hot....hot....hot...cinya hot !!!

Message forward from Captim PM1 at 10.10.06 9.48pm

Lai said:

I dare not to tell you lar ! PR again for 10 lapper timing 1h04m22s

(old record 1h 07m 05s set on 16th Aug '06)



Believe me,I did not pia too hard,jogged at moderate pace with some

pushing only.These few day damn busy for office works,Try my best
to be at lake garden 2morow,no promise

KLCC Best of Ultra 10 Laps

** 51m 22s : Richard Habeya (3rd June '06)
** 54m 06s : Wong Lip Soon (Dec '04)
** 55m 57s : Jack Toh (Dec '04)
** 57m 41s : Chong Chee Wah (Dec '04)
** 58m 57s : Justin Lee (2nd Feb '05)
** 59m 06s : Ronnie See (2nd Feb '05)
** 59m 06s : Chen Li-Hung (July '04)
1h 02m 55s : John Tan (11th Apr '05)
1h 03m 28s : Jantzen Tey (5th Jun '05)
1h 04m 22s : Lai Fong Sang(10th October '06)
1h 05m 07s : Kenny Tan (15th Jun '05)
1h 12m 40s : Newton Yap (7th Feb '05)
1h 12m 45s : Kenneth Teh (22nd Apr '05)
1h 14m 00s : Jamie Pang (6th Apr '05)
1h 16m 33s : Jason Lim (14th May '05)

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Newton said...

Lai, you are getting fast! Very good pr despite not pushing all out!