Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Der_Pacemakers' Prayer

The last couple of weeks have seen many disruptions to the hardworking runner's schedule. Training plans were waylaid firstly by heavy rains and then the haze. In order that this Sunday's Alibaba Run will proceed as planned, so that all the hardwork put in are not wasted, let's all pray to the "powers that be" whatever your faith is.
In Hokkien
Thnee Kong po pee Der_Pacemakers
Hee bang tua hong chui ha ley see lang haze chao
Ta ta lang cin kin cheong ai chao ji ley lay pai
Medals ka liao cho liao, trophies ka liao ho liao
Lai pun PR 5 pai liao!
Cinya hee bang thnee sui sui, leng leng ji ley lay pai
Kam siah chay chay!
In Pacemaker_English
May God bless Der_Pacemakers
We pray that the wind carry the TNS CCB KNN TNMCH haze away
Everyone is anxious to run this Sunday
The medals are ready, the trophies too
Even Lai has PR'd 5 times
We truly pray that the conditions will be good and the air cool this Sunday
Thank you very much!
Brought 2 u by Der_Dr, Der Contract Medium

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