Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Subang Jaya 5 star vs Bidor 4 star

I still kenot decided where to go, both oso I like. But I can see that most of der Pm's are heading for north, only left is Kelvin, Ryan, SJ & Justin Lee stay on course for subang. Subang is one of der most popular race in selangor, but I very sad coz so less PM's taking part. I think der main reason is der medals, coz only top 100th medals are up for grab in men open category. Unlike der Bidor, finishes medal for every runner regardless fast or slow. And sumore Bidor run is organise by runners of der runners club, subang is only organise by those no spirit goverment ppl. Hmmm, after writting this report. I know where shall I head too liao...

p/s, any other Pm's going for subang beside der name i mention above?

Subang Jaya 10K Run 2005 Result:
40:04 - Jack Toh PM14 (16th)
40:46 - Ronnie See PM1 (17th)
41:28 - Richard Habeya PM26 (21st)
41:26 - Hairul Azwar PM3 (23rd)
41:45 - Justin Lee PM19 (24th)
41:56 - Shine Teh PM34 (27th)
42:07 - Kenny Tan PM27 (28th)
42:30 - Thorsten Chen PM8 (33rd)
45:23 - Adam Loh PM29 (58th)
45:57 - Jantzen Tey PM22 (63rd)
46:10 - Alden Yap PM16 (65th)
46:48 - Lee Weng Khong PM35 (76th)
47:09 - Kelvin Ng PM2 (95th)
47:20 - Ryan Teoh PM17 (98th)
49:55 - Jamie Pang PM5 (148th)
50:07 - Kenneth Teh PM20 (153rd)
50:39 - Jason Lim PM23 (162nd)
55:30 - Rohaizad PM33 (249th)
72:26 - Rachel Lee PM21 (103rd)

brought 2u by Pm1


Anonymous said...

I m go, why my name not there meh? Together with Jet Li, Tony Leung, Maggie Chung & Zhang Ziyi...


Anonymous said...

Include my name also. I will flag-off the race. Semua OKi

True runner said...

Pm1 last year you hammper take go home from subang so you better go there and improve your course time.me very big maynot go bcos coach say i'll need to marathon over distance say 45km on sunday ...not happy as i would have target top 5 in subang..

Anonymous said...

while running has vastly become people's satisfaction & enjoyment per se, some people still run for a medal, so sad.. and to pm1, go and run a marathon, in that you will find what running is all about (marathon is what achievement in running is all about).

Anonymous said...

Anon, thats rite!!!!
Marathon is the pinnacle of running passion. Semua Oki!