Wednesday, November 01, 2006

PM8's Saucony Fastwitch 2 report

It is quite fun to be a shoe tester for the new brand Saucony (well, at least to me it is new). Compare to serious runners, I’m a low mileage runner (weekly 30k-45k). With the rate (30 plus/yr) I join races, and the lack of training, the running tools are my ultimate weapon in order for me to battle with those frequently train runners.

This lead me just like a hamster always hunger for food nonstop, as I believe there will be always a better shoe out there, right? (Look at me… The shoe is out thereeeeee…)

The new babe Sauconny fastwitch 2 speed approach just the right time when I am looking for long distance racer for PJ full marathon (pray them do not cancel it). It is really painful experience, for choosing wrong shoe in 42k race; I experience with NB631, the forefoot of this dude is so damn hard to bend, and this end up trigger my old injury and burst my target of 3h30m. This time, with the soft cushion of Saucony and easy to control forefoot, I immediately itchy on skin, I mean to race a 42k again, yup, really pump in a lot of confidence in the heart.

Not all racer can use in 42k, NB704 (life span of 40k, YEW!), Brook T4 and GN912 is a BIG no-no. Heavy striker, heavy weight runners, also not recommend to use racer. But this babe, fastwitch 2 speed (2 endurance for more cushion but less griping), is really amazing with the soft span in forefoot and heel, while not losing the main task of a racer, to get you go faster than normal running shoe. I even dare to recommend fastwitch 2 endurance to those heavy striker, those who land on forefoot or those who have a heavy forefoot stepping. For those effective striker (ahem, effective not mean fast J it’s just the way run is energy saving), fastwitch 2 speed is a new dude that must put in your shopping list, please do not believe me, test it out…

Below is my speed test result base on 550 meter plus (not sure 100% sure, but for sure it is 550m and above), racer has been tested for 6 times, and non-racer is 1 times. A lot of factors such as midshoe support etc does not include below as those are non-critical in race time (ok, ok... to me only).

Click on image to enlarge!

5* - best (6* - unbelievable), 1* - worst
Life Span – how long can use for race
NA – Not Available
Weight – Saucony is 7.5 Oz, Brook T4 – 5.9 Oz (lighter than my soft Bata slipper).
Control – ability forefoot to bend up and down, left and right etc, hmm… ok, less control you fall down easily ;-)

Chen's personal best race timings

42.195km - 3h 43m 13s: KLIM '06
21km - 1h 30m xxs: PortDickson Half 06
10 miler - 1h 10m xxs: KRI 10 miles Run 05
10km - 41m 16s: KRI 10k '04
7.5km - 32m 52s: Larian Amal Merdeka DBKL 7.5km
6.1km - 25m 15s: Larian Merdeka Cheras 6.1km

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