Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pacemakers' 2006 Medal Tally Champion

Unbelievable Year!

Believe it or not, either Chen Fong Fong or Naresh Kumar can definitely break der Pm's record for all time highest medal tally for der year. So far der current record is held by Chen Fong Fong in year 2005 with and overall total of 28 medals. They are just 4 more medals away to smash that record, n they hv 2 months to do it.

der remaining races for 2006:
05.11.06 - Bidor / Subang Jaya
11.11.06 - Powerman / Jerantut Run / Larian FESPIC
12.11.06 - Valdor / IOI Run / JB 2nd Link
18.11.06 - Wangsa Maju Run
19.11.06 - Selayang 10k / ING-KRI / KWYP City Run
25.11.06 - Pg 12 hrs Walk
03.12.06 - Singapore Marathon
10.12.06 - ING Taipei Marathon / Penang Starwalk
17.12.06 - Malay Mail Big Walk

Whosoever can achieve a record 30 medals this year, u'll be placed in the PM's hall of fame.

der Favourite:
25 Thorsten Chen PM8
25 Naresh Kumar PM37
24 Ronnie See PM1
22 Eng Seok Jiun PM11

der Dark Horse:
20 Gunaselan Rajagopal PM39
17 Richard Habeya PM26
18 Ryan Teoh PM17

der Level 3
15 Kelvin Ng PM2
13 Rachel Lee PM21
11 Vincent Wong PM10
11 Jack Toh PM14
11 Draco Ng PM24
11 Adam Loh PM29
11 Lee Weng Khong PM35

der Level 2
10 Abdul Haris PM13
10 Jason Lim PM23
10 Joviet Sim PM25
09 Kevin Chow PM32
09 Lai Fong Sang PM38
08 Jantzen Tey PM22
07 Jamie Pang PM5
07 Tan BoSe PM16
07 Khoo Yit Kiat PM28
07 John Tan PM30
06 Dinesh Kumaran PM4
06 Mohd Yaziz PM7
06 Kenneth Teh PM20

der Level 1
05 Cheong Shih-Heng PM12
05 Justin Lee PM19
04 Ervinna Hon PM31
04 William Chan PM36
03 Hairul Azwar PM3
03 Alden Yap PM15
02 Thomas Ng PM6
02 Newton Yap PM18
02 Rohaizad PM33
01 Jack Ma PM9

for more updates refer @ here

Our interim diagnosis on the performance of some PMs
Those in der Level 1, especially Justine Lee (PM19) who this year thus far has collected only 5 medals can kiss goodbye the Platinium Record! Instead, he would be better-off and show more determination in planning for future races in 2007, so that his dismal performance this year would not recur, seriously!

Our other concern is those in der Dark Horse level such as Ryan Teoh (PM17) who is capable of springing surprises. He has lots in his sleeves and may resort to buy medals from medal shops just to clinch the Platinium Record! As such, it is paramount task that we keep watchful eyes on his performances in remaining races this year- whether he would still get more medals or sapu lantai!

Kudos to Rachel Lee (PM21) for her achievement this year. She made commendable progress! She has more medals than Adam Loh. Although Rachel has started running only a couple of years ago! She would have the rare opportunity to collect more medals given that she has registered to participate in many remaining races this year. Adam Loh has been giving lots of lame excuses for his poor performance this year. He has turned 40 this year and easily should have emerged champion in the junior veteran category in any races. However, this was not to be, unfortunately. So far he has failed miserably and was totally knocked-out when he ran only 5km in the recent PJ 1/2, and even that he couldn't perform. He deserved the 0.5 bonus point that he received! He needs to intensify his "lompat-lompat" skills training!

We would like to see fast runners like Khoo Yit Kiat (PM28) to be backed in the forefront next year. Understandbly, he has been busy with impeding merger of his employer. Also, we would like to see more of sweet Ervinna Hon (PM31) in races next year (Is she still back-packing around the globe).

Last but not least, lets race out heart out for a grand finale before we close count on the medal tally for this year!

For 2007, more races are being plan by the newly elected President of KOAM Ybhg Dato' Seri Shahidan Kassim and also in conjunction with the Visit Malaysia Year...PMs Boleh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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